August 8th, 2014

WBI Webinar: Making the Business Case

The WBI Target Action Plan is our suggested course of action for bullied targets who have back-stabbing coworkers, unsympathetic bosses, no union support, and a host of employer representatives who tell them that the bullying is their fault. Forget rational appeals for help made to enablers of the bullying. They are part of the “vast conspiracy” making it a case of many against one. The tendency is to implore that the emotional abuse stop and that is typically done in an emotional way. The WBI plan teaches you to become an unemotional advocate for yourself by making the “business case.”

Watch the latest WBI webinar to learn how.


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  1. tony says:

    One problem….. the short term disability companies force you to apply for workers comp.. my wife was forced to apply in ny state or they wouldn’t pay her short term disability . Ny state forces you to apply.
    The next problem is attorneys in ny workers comp will take mental stress claims. They always lose . The victim then suffers more rejection.
    The next problem is no Doctors are readily available for counseling or pysch because you have to get a dr. that’s comp approved. So the victim once again is rejected . Then you sit in the system for sometimes 3 years … being controverted and the attorney victimizes the person more …. no law judges care what happens either . I watched my wife suffer so much . she now is suffering more symptoms then she had when this first started. no person should be put in workers comp when its mental … because it gives the employer full access to health records when they already victimized her . She is shy in the first place now she is ruined.

    • This is a heartbreaking tale. Contact Sheldon Silver, the Assembly Speaker and tell him you want him to move the Healthy Workplace Bill through the Assembly this year (A 4965). He is holding up the bill because he believes businesses who tell him no new laws are needed. He needs to hear how f’d up is the WC system. Join forces with NYHWA, our NY lobbying group. Go to the NY State Page of the HWB website to sign up. Tell your local State Assemblymember and Senator, too.

  2. Richard says:

    Its all good on paper what you are saying. In the real world it is hell. I should not have to lose my job just because someone feels I am, a threat. Our main corporate leader is a bully to all involved. My problem is with a fellow employee that has the manager wrapped around his finger. It is amplified by the fact we both live in the same complex we work at. So if I lose the job, I have to move also. Add the fact that I am over 60 and my prospects are quit diminished. I guess if i want to become homeless walking the streets , I could take your advise. I am worth something, experienced, educated and have been doing my job very well for a long time. I am not ready to throw it all away at this time. I check your site often and don’t see much in the way i can do anything about the problem. Running away will not solve anything. I don’t have the answer, but have not seen any solutions yet from any source.

    • THE solution falls on the employer. They enabled bullying and they alone can stop it. We have to stop making victims solve problems they did not cause. So, when you say we give no solution, you haven’t read enough of our writing to see why we give the advice we do. We do NOT say run. We DO say that employers don’t listen to reason. Throw all of your energies into acting like a consultant for your employer, share your wisdom about how to improve (by purging or silencing the bully), as we advise. Show the fiscal impact of your suggestions. This will keep you busy and employed.

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