July 28th, 2010

Why to avoid Workers Comp

We have long advised employees injured by health-harming bullying to avoid Workers Compensation claims. Your friends (not) at HR route you to WC or unpaid FMLA. But you have options. Have your physician qualify you for short-term disability. While off work, make decisions guided by your health status and prospects for healing.

A 2008 book, Depraved Indifference: The Workers Compensation System by Patrice Woeppel, is described in an interview with the author by Frank Smecker. If you have any doubts that the system was created by and for employers to stave off lawsuits, read the interview and book. The system pays only 27% on average of the illness and injury costs for workers. Corrupt employer-only physicians never acknowledge injuries caused by employers. Having a separate occupational health insurance system locks out work-related illness and injury from the regular health care insurance system. The book author also posits several recommendations for changing the corrupt WC system.


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  1. Cre says:

    Very important and helpful info. So wish that I had known this a year ago. It would have been the best option. I went to my physicians AFTER I was forced to resign : (

  2. Jay Jacobus says:

    Victims of bullying have not been successful with lawsuits. So, I might have filed a work comp claim except I couldn’t find a lawyer to help me file a claim. In effect I was prevented from collecting.

    This is another example of a broken system.

    • Susan says:

      Agreed. While it is terrible when people resort to violence from the bullying, it is no different than other forms of torture used in prisons around the world where the torturers attempt to “break” you and the torture victims snap.

      Also, I find it ironic that there is anti-bullying movement for the schools but not the workplace.

  3. Susan says:

    I was forced to quit my job due to bullying that culminated in being taken into a small conference room where my supervisor went into a rage and would not let me out of the room. The only way I could get out was to quit. This was the intended result. They bullied me to the point where I nearly lost my mind including following me around.

    I was seeing two doctors at the time, one of which wrote me a letter stating that the best thing I could do was quit because I was getting sick. I provided this letter to the Unemployment office and an explanation of the bullying and they supported me. The next thing I know, I am signed up for WC. I started getting packages of forms, books, etc. I had no idea. I JUST got them to stop sending me stuff after weeks. I could see this was going to be yet another set up.

    You are right. Thanks for this article.

  4. SMK says:

    If everyone who got bullied at work can have a place to join hands, we may be able to fend off the bullies more effectively. I was subjected nothing short of a nightmarish torture. The name of the BIG bully will be out in public soon.

  5. Cynthia says:

    I wonder if anyone knows of ANY – no matter where in the world – ANY successful workers comp cases that involve bullying and PTSD or MDD or related?

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