Marlene A. Braun In Memoriam

July 3, 1958 - May 2, 2005


The First Monument Manager of the Carrizo Plain National Monument Santa Margarita, California

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Her many friends recall her brilliance, kindness, deep appreciation of the natural environment, and her loyal friendship. To all of us, she was a Best Friend. We offer our sympathies and love to her mother, Rita Braun, in Cincinnati; to her sisters Judy and Phyllis and her brother Marc; and her Uncle Earl Hartmann in California. We will continue to fight for justice for Marlene and we will love her forever.

Signed by her friends, colleagues and supporters

A Tale of Bullying and Suicide

The Workplace Bullying Institute is proud to assemble news reports, government reports, essays, and commentary to tell the hidden story of Marlene Braun's May 2, 2005 suicide and the subsequent government attempts to obliterate her legacy.

It is a tale of an abusive work environment (akin to the traditional profile of bullying cases described at this website) that Marlene described as her inescapable hell caused by her tormenter, bully boss Ron Huntsinger, coupled with dramatic reversals in conservation policies by the federal government executed by Huntsinger and BLM as mandated by the anti-Clinton, anti-environment Bush administration. Huntsinger was promoted in the aftermath of her suicide in the spirit of "heckuva job brownie" incompetence rising.

The site: the Carrizo Plain National Monument in California, see map, home to the highest concentration of endangered and threatened species in the nation.

The employer blamed Marlene for her troubles with Huntsinger, though his cruelty and undermining tactics certainly could not have been desired by anyone. Cowardly co-workers like Shane Barrow branded Marlene the bully! Is there no personal or institutional shame over conditions that could drive a competent, professional woman to suicide? The report absolves Huntsinger and management of charges of wrongdoing (an expected whitewash, CYA, no duh! outcome) and implies that Marlene deserved her fate!

There has been no employer accountability. After the release of the official Office of Inspector General (OIG) report into the matter,
it seems there may never be justice. Shame on BLM, the Department of the Interior, the U.S. Government!

News Accounts

In reverse chronology ...

The Bully: Ron Huntsinger

Information from Marlene's Supporters

The Toxic BLM workplace that fosters & sustains bullies

Suicide Context: Privatization Policies


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