Economic Harm

Financial Devastation

Workplace bullying, by definition, happens at work. It interferes with the target's confidence that her or his livelihood is assured. Broad societal economic crises threaten millions of workers at the same time and impersonally. Bullying is a laser-focused, personalized economic crisis affecting the target and her or his family. When bullies have control over the targets' livelihood (as in 72% of situations), they have tremendous leverage to cause financial pain. Single parent workers are the most vulnerable.

Controlling bullies can block transfers to a safe job, can make targets so miserable that they quit (constructive discharge), or impair target health to the extent they have to quit to stop the stress from a campaign of interpersonal destruction. In the U.S., losing work means losing health insurance. No job. Get even sicker. Lose the ability to seek medical help.

Some economic harms include...

In both the 2010 and 2007 scientific U.S. Workplace Bullying Surveys, we asked what stopped the bullying. The consistent finding is that targeted individuals lose their jobs by quitting or being terminated. Please read the survey results.


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