Documenting your bullying experience

Documentation makes your subjective experience more objective. Evidence builds cases better than emotional appeals for cessation or justice. It is not that you do not deserve both, it is simply fact that emotions scare even well-intentioned others. Make it easier to help you based on facts — costs incurred by the employer who insists on keeping “Bully Bob” while banishing multiple targets who tried to warn of risks.

The Purpose of Documentation

To bolster your case, you’ll definitely want a paper trail of abuse. One of the great problems with bullying is the fear that co-workers have of testifying or helping. So, long before there is any kind of a formal procedure or formal complaint, it would be great if you can get statements from co-workers about what they observed — not their opinions, but simply a statement that validates that your incident report is accurate: “You were there. Tell me what you saw.” These statements should be maintained with the date and time. At the earliest time possible, you want to have them validate an event. You will create an incident report. And get that time-stamped. Ask them to send a written copy, perhaps through their personal email.

In some states, you can audio or videotape a conversation unilaterally. It’s called the one-party consent law. In a one-party consent state, it is possible with so many different recording devices to capture audio or video that would be irrefutably time-stamped and stored safely. That’s what you need to do to make an extremely strong case.

Onlock options

You can document your workplace bullying situation with OnLock, and build your best-case scenario. Designed to help users prove that their digital records are authentic in a court of law, the OnLock documentation suite provides secure management and digital authentication of files, email, and journal entries.

With OnLock, you can:

  • Store and organize verifiable evidence of workplace bullying and harassment
  • Keep time-stamped journal entries with your account of the facts
  • Easily upload documents, photos and videos (or any other file) to make your case
  • Maintain permanent, tamper-proof email records (such as corroborating co-worker accounts or correspondence with HR)
  • Present a fact-based case to your employer
  • Share documents securely with your attorney

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