WBI Services for Bullied Individuals & Their Families

WBI's goal is to alleviate the stress and pain of workplace bullying. While there is no quick and easy fix, we are committed to providing help for each and every type of experience. WBI services range from our free online resources to fee-based strategy/coaching sessions. Discover the assistance we provide in the list below.

Start Here

Begin your journey of discovery now that you finally have a name for it. Learn the phenomenon from start to finish. We share our knowledge with you. We have spent 15 years immersed 24/7 in all aspects of workplace bullying. We started the U.S. movement.

DVD- Help for Bullied Targets from WBI

A 5-part video covering bullying from the first incident through the job-loss and how to recover afterwards. Essentially the Target's Guide to recognition of, responding to, and recovery from, workplace bullying. Advice from the WBI staff. Also available in narrative format as an audio disc.

DVD- An Introduction to Workplace Bullying for Mental Health Practitioners

Jessi Eden Brown offers her expertise to clinicians in this convenient 50-minute video introduction to Workplace Bullying. Viewers will learn how to recognize the signs and address the symptoms of workplace bullying in their clients. Ms. Brown skillfully imparts the unique treatment considerations associated with counseling bullied targets and offers practitioners an assortment of resources for supporting clients.

Confidential Telephone Coaching

Jessi Brown, LMHC, mental health professional, offers affordable customized strategy sessions designed to restore control over your worklife to facilitate healing after workplace bullying so you can make the best decisions possible.

Book: The Bully at Work

The ultimate book for Targets by Gary and Ruth Namie, revised in 2009. In a single volume, the authors describe exactly what the targeted (not victimized) person needs to do when attacked without provocation or justification by a workplace tyrant.

The WBI Blog

Over 100 articles are categorized as Tutorials. Follow the link to the WBI Blog. Click on the category "Bullying Tutorials" in the right sidebar. These blogs supplement the other articles found at this site to educate bullied targets and their supporters.

WBI Webinars

WBI offers 1-hour-long webinars that expand on the information available online, and introduce new and relevant topics.

Book: The Bully-Free Workplace

The 2011 guidebook for employers, managers and HR by Gary and Ruth Namie. For those needing to mobilize support to stop bullying within their organizations. Introduces our Blueprint to Prevent and Correct Workplace Bullying.


Dr. Namie provides free Tutorials for Targets in the form of podcasts. Listen to them on our website or download them to your mp3 players. Additional podcasts are created regularly to pinpoint timely and important aspects of Workplace Bullying


Bullied individuals have many reasons to better understand the phenomenon of workplace bullying. Surveys and studies demonstrate that bullying follows certain predictable patterns. Science -- from the social sciences to neuroscience -- demystifies the experience.

Recommended Books

Check out our list of must-read titles written by experts from all over the world.

Things We Do Not Do

  • We do not give legal advice (we are not attorneys).
  • We do not refer you to specific lawyers, unless we know them or have a good recommendation from experienced targets. However, we do provide helpful information on how to select an attorney.
  • We do not give psychological counseling or treatment or prepare diagnostic assessment reports. However, we can give you information about how to select a therapist.
  • We do not give personalized advice via e-mail -- that's what our websites and coaching services accomplish.
  • We do not have funds to help with your legal fight or any other project.

Additional Pioneering Projects in Workplace Bullying

  • Lead the national campaign to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in the 50 U.S. states.
  • We are consultants for employers brave enough to attempt to stop workplace bullying in their organizations. Our consulting firm (est. 1985) is Work Doctor® and focuses exclusively on workplace bullying. We have been credited as the originator of this consulting specialty.

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