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ESPN critics of NFL model how DC pundits should criticize US gov’t

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell

There’s a level of refreshing level of candor about Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, from two ESPN employees — Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons — rarely spoken today in mainstream media (and ESPN is certainly mainstream). It’s all the more remarkable when you learn that ESPN pays the NFL $15 billion to televise Monday Night Football. So, ESPN critics could be seen as biting the hand that feeds them, but these two pundits show tremendous courage in calling out the NFL mismanagement of its current domestic violence crisis.

Bill Simmons is the writer who started Grantland (an ESPN Internet Venture) and has been an ESPN superstar. For his calling Goodell a liar, he earned a 3 week suspension. The Simmons B.S. Podcast from which the audio came was pulled from the Grantland website by ESPN. Here is the audio that got him into trouble.

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Also brave were ESPN writers, Don Van Natta, Jr. and Keith Van Valkenburg, who wrote an extraordinary investigative Outside the Lines article that revealed that Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens ownership colluded with Ray Rice’s attorney to cover up his domestic violence incident. Then, both Goodell and Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti, lied about their knowledge of it. Very Nixonian of the NFL.

The OTL article title

Despite ESPN silencing Simmons and reportedly wordsmithing the OTL article with some deletions, many critics on the network are jabbing the NFL. Critics are the only ones who can hold institutions accountable.

Why do we not see the same drive to be candid from the Washington DC beltway political pundits? Their relationships with the “newsmakers” is way too cozy. Reporter would rather ingratiate themselves with the people they are paid to hold accountable. Kissing up and comfort prevent truthtelling. The result — America is in a new war while still fighting the old one with public support.

After all …

All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed. I.F. Stone


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Whitlock equates prison yard mentality with survival at most NFL teams

Friday, November 8th, 2013

On Keith Olbermann’s ESPN show, Jason Whitlock, a sports writer since 1991, spoke of America’s “Incarceration Nation” prison yard mentality and how it trickles into some NFL locker rooms. He spoke eloquently about how Jonathan Martin, an educated black athlete, could be misunderstood in the typical NFL workplace.

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Police & mayors need to heed U.S. Constitution

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Whether or not you personally support the Occupy protests, you should support the protesters right to peacefully assemble and to dissent in the nation that prides itself the most on its revolutionary roots. Some brave protesters have engaged in deliberate civil disobedience, just as civil rights protesters had to endure beatings, killings and deprivations to win over the status quo society and lawmakers who did not want to give up privilege. Status enjoyed by the “haves” (the 1%-ers) is never voluntarily surrendered to the “have nots” (the 99%-ers). But to make dissent illegal in the U.S. undermines the Constitution. Is it a living document and relevant or something so easily abandoned when city police (with free flowing funding from “Homeland Security” in these times of austerity) want to gear up in their anti-riot costumes and go on the warpath. Join the military to go to war. American citizens are NOT the enemy.



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