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Only by understanding the realities of today’s workplaces can we make sense of what we have given up to earn a paycheck. Too often personal dignity is checked at the door. Denial leads to long-term misery. Join us for news about breakthroughs in worker organizing, new styles of managing, the sciences of occupational health & interviews with thought leaders on work-related topics. Be inspired by real people striving to enhance the quality of life at work for others.

TWD #3 : The American Workplace and the Law

Work Doctor Radio: 3

Law Professor David Yamada joins host Gary Namie with a history lesson. The topic is the origins of employment law in the U.S. that governs the workplace. Unfortunately, the relationship between Master and Servant is the starting point. And not much has changed since. The question for Prof. Yamada is whether assurances of dignity and equality for workers is possible given current laws. Yamada is the author of the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill introduced in 21 states since 2003.

TWD #2 : What to Do About ‘Going Postal’ Fears

Work Doctor Radio: 2

“Going Postal,” two terrifying words that scare employers and employees alike. Guest Felix Nater’s first career as Postal Inspector led him to investigate workplace homicides and to prosecute offenders. Prevention was often lacking. Now consultant Nater makes violence prevention a key part of the business process for clients. He developed the Violence Interdiction Model which he shares with the Work Doctor audience.

The Work Doctor® “DEBUT SHOW”: Can They Do That?

Work Doctor Radio: Debut

Guest Lewis Maltby, Founder & Director of the National Workrights Institute, Princeton, NJ and author of Can They Do That? Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace (Portfolio, 2009). Lewis will explode some major myths that workers believe to be true about control over their worklives.

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