Workplace Bullying & the Law
David C. Yamada

Professor Yamada is the premier legal expert on workplace bullying in the United States, and the author of the Healthy Workplace Bill. He is also the founder of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk Law School, Boston.

    Articles available free at the Social Science Research Network website.

  • The Phenomenon of 'Workplace Bullying' and the Need for Status-Blind Hostile Work Environment Protection Georgetown Law Journal, 2000, 88, 475-536.
    The seminal article that launched the legal reform movement in the U.S.!
  • Workplace Bullying and American Employment Law: A Ten-Year Progress Report and Assessment Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, 2010, 32 (1)
  • Potential Legal Protections and Liabilities for Workplace Bullying New Workplace Institute, 2007
  • Crafting a Legislative Response to Workplace Bullying Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, 2004, 8, 475-521.
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Practice of Legal Scholarship University of Memphis Law Review, 2010, 41
  • Human Dignity and American Employment Law University of Richmond Law Review, 2009, 43
  • Employment Law as If People Mattered: Bringing Therapeutic Jurisprudence into the Workplace Florida Coastal Law Review, 2010, 11
  • Workplace Bullying and Ethical Leadership Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 2008, 1 (2)
  • Voices from the Cubicle: Protecting and Encouraging Private Employee Speech in the Post-Industrial Workplace Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, 1998, 19 (1)
  • Beyond 'Economic Realities': The Case for Amending Federal Employment Discrimination Laws to Include Independent Contractors Boston College Law Review, 1997, 38 (2)
  • The Employment Law Rights of Student Interns Connecticut Law Review, 2002, 35
  • Same Old, Same Old: Law School Rankings and the Affirmation of Hierarchy Suffolk University Law Review, 1997, 31
  • The Looming Twenty-First Century Generation Gap: Economic Challenges Facing Younger Workers Perspectives on Work, 2010, 13 (2)

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