WBI Webinars

The Workplace Bullying Institute offers webinars on a variety of bullying-related topics. Please scroll through the list below to select the webinars that most interest you.

Making the Business Case to stop Workplace Bullying. The WBI Target Action Plan is our suggested course of action for bullied targets who have back-stabbing coworkers, unsympathetic bosses, no union support, and a host of employer representatives who tell them that the bullying is their fault. Forget rational appeals for help made to enablers of the bullying. They are part of the “vast conspiracy” making it a case of many against one. The tendency is to implore that the emotional abuse stop and that is typically done in an emotional way. The WBI plan teaches you to become an unemotional advocate for yourself by making the "business case."

Preparing for Your 1:1 Ambush Meeting. It comes to every bullied target eventually. It is designed to surprise, trap and humiliate you. Preparation might save your job. Recorded 10/13/12.

For Family & Friends, Please Understand I'm Bullied at Work teaches the people closest to bullied targets what their loved one is going through, that there is little you can do by yourself to stop it, why the assaults consume and contaminate quality time with family, what behaviors to expect from you as time passes with no resolution, and the best things they can do for themselves and for you to approach normalcy again. Recorded 9/5/12.

So, You Wanna Sue? describes the few U.S. laws that relate to bullying-type situations, the several steps involved for a plaintiff in a lawsuit against an employer, the ways defense counsel attempts to break your will to see justice prevail, the exorbitant costs and what questions to ask the attorney who might represent you. All from the perspective an expert witness who is not a legal professional. Recorded 8/1/12.

Being Iced Out covers some of the ways coworkers ostracize peers, a guide to how this can happen in certain situations regardless of who is involved, the adverse impact shunning and isolation have on people, and ways to break through the stigmatizing behavior. Recorded 7/7/12.


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